Application specification

Supported file types:

3D Images:

Filmetrics 3D Image (.fibps)

Filmetrics Point Cloud (.fibpc)

Filmetrics Text (.txt)

AFM Workshop ASCII (.wsf)

Alicona (.al3d)

Alpha-Step® D-Series (.amb)

Asylum Research (WaveMetrics Igor Pro) (.ibw)

Bruker Contour, Dektak (.opdx)

Bruker (Veeco) Dimension (....)

Bruker (Veeco) Nanoscope (....)

Bruker (Wyko) (.opd)

Bruker (Wyko) ASCII (.ascii)

Digital Surf Surface (.sur)

FRT MicroProf (.frt)

Gwyddion Native Format (.gwy)

Hitachi (SII NanoTechnology) (.xq*)

Image Metrology SPIP Binary (.bcr, .bcrf)

Image Metrology SPIPTM Ascii (.asc)

Keyence Profilometry (.vk4)

Lext (.lext)

Micromap SDFA (.sdf*)

Tencor™ P-Series (.map)

NT-MDT (.mdt)

OpenGPS (.x3p)

Park Systems (.tif*)

Sensofar PLu (.plu)

Sensofar PLUx (*.plux)

Surfstand Surface Data File (.sdf*)

Tencor™ P-Series (.map)

WITec (.wit)

WITec ASCII export (.dat)

Zeta3D (.zmg)

Zygo MetroPro (.dat)

2D Images:

Bitmap (.bmp)

JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)

Portable Network Graphics (.png)

Tagged Image File Format (.tif, .tiff)

Coming soon:

JPK Instruments (.jpk*)

Nanosurf EZD, NID (.ezd, .nid)

Nanosurf PLT (.plt)

RHK Instruments SM3 (.sm3)

RHK Instruments SM4 (.sm4)

Supported Browsers:

Desktop Browsers:

Microsoft Edge 14+

Firefox 53+

Chrome 57+

Opera 44+

Safari 10+

Mobile Browsers:

iOS 10.0+

Chrome 57+

Hardware Recommendation:

Hardware must support WebGL.

Click here to test your browser and hardware.

A dedicated graphics card is recommended for best performance.

Export directly from Profilm (desktop software)

We are continuously adding support for new file types.
If you would like us to support an additional file type,
† AFM Workshop is a trademark of AFM Workshop. Alicona is a trademark of Alicona Imaging GmbH. Alpha-Step is a registered trademark and Tencor is a trademark of KLA corporation. Asylum Research is a trademark of Asylum Research corporation, a subsidiary of Oxford Instruments. Bruker and Wyko are trademarks of Bruker Corporation. Digital Surf, Image Metrology, and SPIP are trademarks of Digital Surf. D-Series is a trademark of KLA Corporation. FRT and MicroProf are registered trademarks of FRT GmbH. Hitachi and SII NanoTechnology are trademarks of Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation. JPK Instruments is a trademark of Bruker Corporation. Keyence is a trademark of Keyence Corporation. Lext is a trademark of Olympus Corporation. Nanosurf is a trademark of Nanosurf AG. NT-MDT is a trademark of NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments. Park Systems is a trademark of Park Systems Corp. RHK Instruments is a trademark of RHK Technology. Sensofar is a trademark of Sensofar-Tech, S.L. Veeco is a trademark of Veeco Instruments, Inc. Igor Pro is a trademark of WaveMetrics, Inc. WITec is a trademark of Wissenschaftliche Instrumente und Technologie GmbH. Zeta3D is a trademark of KLA Corporation. Zygo is a trademark and MetroPro is a registered trademark of Zygo Corporation.