Application specification

Supported file types:

Filmetrics Scan (.fibps)

IgorPro (.ibw)

ImageMetrology (.bcr, .bcrf)

KeyenceProfilometry (.vk4)

MetroPro (.dat)

NT-MDT (.mdt)

OpenGPS (.x3p)

Park Systems (.tif*)

Seiko SII (.xq*)

SpipAscii (.asc)

Surface (.sur)

Veeco Dimension (....)

Veeco Nanoscope (....)

Wsf Ascii (.wsf)

WykoVeeco (.opd)

WykoVeeco ASCII (.ascii)

Coming soon:

Nanosurf EZD, NID (.ezd, .nid)

Nanosurf PLT (.plt)

JPK Instruments (.jpk*)

RHK Instruments SM3 (.sm3)

RHK Instruments SM4 (.sm4)

WITec (.wit)

WITec ASCII export (.dat)

Supported Browsers:

Desktop Browsers:

Microsoft Edge 14+

Firefox 53+

Chrome 57+

Opera 44+

Safari 10+

Mobile Browsers:

iOS 10.0+

Chrome 57+

Hardware Recommendation:

Hardware must support WebGL.

Click here to test your browser and hardware.

A dedicated graphics card is recommended for best performance.

Export directly from Profilm (desktop software)

We are continuously adding support for new file types.
If you would like us to support an additional file type,